injecting interactivity into your video

Feel like the director
Now the decision about plot and ending is on your side. You can change the story and find out what will happen.
Feel like the director
Video for all your senses
Impact the movie using your gestures and voice. Take control over character`s actions via your smartphone.
Video for all senses
Watch & play everywhere
Save your version of the movie and share it. Watch interactive videos on PC, Mac, iOS, Android.
Play everywhere
Rapid & easy video creation
Enrich videos and transform them into interactive movies. Use your own video or search for suitable clip directly from YouTube.
Easy video creation
Web-based video editing
Edit video in your favourite web browser. Use graph visualization of non-linear story and develop it in real-time.
Web-based editing
Collaborate with other authors
Share your work and make interactive videos with others. Work on video projects in a group on various devices.
Collaborate with others

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Interactive movie is a non-linear story which is never the same