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Academy of interactive creators

With Deligic we introduce the Academy for interactive video creators. It aims at directing media industry towards the vision of interactive and personalized Media 2.0 content.
The aim of the Academy is to gather knowledge and good practices about interactive video production. Here we have published examples of how you may improve your videos with interactivity and how to develop new non-linear projects.

Perform an action

interactions in a video content Viewer can play interactive videos in many ways depending on particular movie. You can select action buttons to choose character behavior or click on visual objects in the video. Control over video is extended to natural interfaces - by touching elements on the screen and using your voice recorded by microphone.

How does it work?

Join Interaction editor open beta for free. Now is the time for pioneers - make your own interactive video. Feel free to do experiments with interactive video using Deligic editor and build your own non-linear contents and screenplays.

Create your own

Create new interactive forms of video

Extending video with interactions

interactions editor
Create a navigation menu for single or multiple videos. Group YouTube clips into interactive collections. You can organize video albums or entries of your vlog using navigational interactions.

Making non-linear stories the easy way

interactive cinema
In interactive movie the story becomes non-linear which means there is more than one possible ending. Design new kinds of interactive scenes and plots. Create movies with decisional moments, game features, and secret scenes.

Using on-line videos to visualize your concepts

gestures recognition
Use any videos and add interactions to previsualize your concepts for movies or games. Make a sketch of your story and use on-line videos to make it alive in few moments.

Video surveys

video avatars in shops or banks
A dialogue with some character can be used to make a video survey. The viewer may answer questions and ask questions to the character. The character can give some hints or explain unintelligible parts of content.

Showing complex products

product show in e-commerce
In case of complex products like electronics, cars or financial services an interactive video enables you to present an offer to customers in a personalized way. A customer decides what he would like to know about a product.

Virtual guides for visitors

video guides for hotels or museums
Show your place or renting offer remotely. Allow customers or sightseers to freely move and discover hotels, museums, parks. Promote your place by interactive video guide with personalized lector voice.

Flexible video courses

speech recognition
Different video lectures may be linked by a main subject or specific issues. A student can navigate between parts of the video course using interactions in form of key concepts.

Conversation with a virtual character

control by touch
An avatar can answer customer's questions in a shop or in a bank. It can also show the right place to eat or drink or do introduction to newcomers in public places.

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Try business services

Extending your promotion and marketing by interactivity helps to engage the audience and enlarge your consumers base. You can also embed interactive production on your site, link to your video shows or store and get an analysis of user's behaviors. If your company needs some special support then visit our team's website. If you are looking for pricing or more business opportunities contact us directly:

Take part in the revolution

Currently we are working on various projects across video technologies, new media productions, developing multimedia applications and software. If your are interesting in development of modern software or new forms of video content let us know - We are waiting for creative persons with passion and crazy ideas.
academy meet-ups


Around the interactive academy many enthusiasts and artists meet each other. Via the acadamy we combine they efforts to accelerate new media industry. We are going to integrate the community of interactive video and other non-linear multimedia forms. Visit our Interactive Video Revolution group on Facebook.

Help our projects

All time we are looking for creative authors who have an idea for interactive video or new non-linear movie story. You can meet with us during interactive video design workshops. You can also take part in ongoing interactive movie projects:

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