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Terms of service

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Creation of interactive productions on Deligic is free. Service is provided as it is, without any warranty.

Content generated by users

If you sign in, we'll store your e-mail address and use it only for sending Deligic-specific messages. User is not allowed to use video content for which you don't have rights. Deligic service and InventCore company are not responsible for any user-generated content. Please contact us to report abuse - we'll remove user-generated content. Deligic may remove whole interactive production at any time without notice. Deligic may remove user account and all its productions at any time without notice. Deligic may stop publishing production at any time without notice.

Video content providers

In case user content is stored on video provider service (such as YouTube), the provider is responsible for available videos. Video content provider may remove video clips at any time without notice (this may affect interactive productions).

About this terms of service

Terms of service are subject to change without specific notice to you.